Xpert Online Booking system
for driving instructors.

Your customers aren’t always available during your working hours, but they always appreciate convenience!

That’s why the Xpert Online Booking system is a MUST for any driving instructor.

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Ready to go in 3 steps!


While the booking system is specially set up for driving lessons, we want to customise it further to suit YOUR requirements, so we want to take the time to chat with you personally, to make sure it’s the perfect fit!

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  3. Start accepting online bookings

*We will contact you at the time and date you have selected to tailor the booking system specifically to the requirements of your driving school.

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Time-Saving & Convenient

As an instructor, you likely spend a considerable amount of your free time responding to the same queries again and again about services, availability, and bookings:

  • Do you do automatic lessons?
  • Are you available next month?
  • How much does a lesson cost?
  • Are you available at the weekends?

Wouldn’t it be great if pupils could get answers to all their questions without having to text, call, email or WhatsApp you multiple times?

The Xpert booking system reduces the back-and-forth communication by allowing pupils to view services offered, check availability, or book lessons online. As an instructor, you still maintain full control, approving, rejecting, or rescheduling bookings at your convenience.


Notifications & Reminders

  • Notification emails are sent to pupils every time you approve, reject or reschedule a booking.
  • Reminder emails are sent to pupils at a set time before appointment date & time.

Streamlined Scheduling

  • Edit your schedule any time
  • Approve, reject, reschedule appointments
  • Real-time updates prevent double bookings and other scheduling conflicts

Competitive Edge

Offering an online easy-to-use, real-time booking system can set a business apart from competitors who do not offer this convenience

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How does the system handle scheduling?
The Xpert Online Booking system allows appointments booking for any combination of service categories and service type you offer, as follows:


  1. Service Category – the system can accommodate all the service categories you provide (e.g., Category B lessons, Category BE lesson, etc)
  2. Service Type – the system can accommodate all services you provide (e.g., 1-hour manual lessons, 2-hour automatic lessons, car hire + pretest, etc)
Can students book their own lessons?
Yes, students can book their own lessons by accessing your Xpert driving school page on any device. No App download needed.
What level of control do I have over bookings?

You have full control over all your bookings.

All submitted appointments are in the “Approved” state, and you will be notified of the new booking. At this stage, you can choose to reject or reschedule the appointment, at your discretion.

What kind of support and training is provided?
Full training and support is provided via email, phone and instructional videos.
What is the pricing structure?
Usage of the Xpert Online Booking system is based on a subscription model of €10/month or €100/year. Benefits include:


  • Unlimited bookings
  • Free set-up and ongoing support
  • You can cancel any time
How does this booking system compares to other booking systems?
The Xpert Online Booking system is as reliable as any other booking system: it delivers exactly what it promises!


  • Embedded into a popular website, providing additional exposure (average 7.5K unique users/month)
  • In addition to its primary function, the system also serves a secondary purpose as a search feature
  • Better value than most booking systems
  • Specifically customised for the driving lessons industry
  • Further customised based on personal preferences and requirements
  • Flat fee (not based on number of bookings)


  • Web interface only – No mobile app
  • Cannot be integrated into your own website
  • Cannot be synchronised with your existing booking setup