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(Mark Duffy)
Galway, Galway City
Registered ADI: 40782
Licence Categories: B,
(Catherine Tuohy)
Clare, Ennis
Registered ADI: 41878
Licence Categories: B,
(Adrian Reidy)
Athlone, Westmeath
Registered ADI: 42163
Licence Categories: B,
(Vladlens Jeljasevics)
Dublin, Lucan
Registered ADI: 40493
Licence Categories: B, C,
(Aidan Flanagan)
Cork, Midleton
Registered ADI: 41218
Licence Categories: B,
(James Marie Jeanne)
Limerick, Mungret
Registered ADI: 41949
Licence Categories: B,
(Shane Cotter)
Clare, Ennis, Lahinch
Registered ADI: 40294
Licence Categories: B, BE,
(Richard Lelas)
Athy, Kildare
Registered ADI: 41514
Licence Categories: B, BE, D, D1, ED, ED1,
(Stephen Folan)
Cliften, Galway
Registered ADI: 41640
Licence Categories: B,
(Pawel Urbanicz)
Kerry, Tralee
Registered ADI: 41278
Licence Categories: B,
(Denis McGrath)
Galway, Galway City
Registered ADI: 35298
Licence Categories: B,
(James Ward)
Cloghan, Donegal
Registered ADI: 41499
Licence Categories: B,
(Deborah Glasheen)
Clare, Sixmilebridge
Registered ADI: 41291
Licence Categories: B,
(Brendan Tierney)
Sligo, Sligo Town
Registered ADI: 35975
Licence Categories: B,
(Amanda Hall)
Dunleer, Louth
Registered ADI: 36846
Licence Categories: B, D,
(Edward Inglis)
Coolock, Dublin
Registered ADI: 36173
Licence Categories: B,
(Chris Hannon)
Coolbrook, Wexford
Registered ADI: 36273
Licence Categories: B,
(Damien Desay)
Dublin, Lucan
Registered ADI: 38074
Licence Categories: B,
(Bridget McCarthy)
Kilmallock, Limerick
Registered ADI: 35503
Licence Categories: B,
(Peter McNamara)
Clare, Clonlara
Registered ADI: 37996
Licence Categories: B,

Xpert Driving Lessons

Welcome to Xpert Driving Lessons, a helpful driving schools and independent driving instructors directory, which allows you to filter listings by multiple locations. If you’re looking to contact multiple instructors for price quotes, our multi-location filtering feature is the most effective way, and here’s why:

Filtering by County

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Filtering by Town/Village

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Multi-Location Filtering

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Motorcycle Riding Lessons

Here you can find instructors providing riding lessons for all motorcycle licence categories: big bikes, small, medium size, mopeds and quadricycles.


(any size)


(medium size)




(moped & light quadricycle)

Car Driving Lessons

Here you can find driving instructors for the B & BE driver licence categories that would allow you to drive cars and light vans with or without trailer.


Car & Light Van


Car & Light Van + Trailer

Truck Driving Lessons

Here you can find driving instructors for the C, CE, C1 and C1E truck, truck with trailer, articulated truck, large van, small truck and large van with trailer driver licence categories.




Small Truck
Large Van


Truck with Trailer
Articulated Truck


Small Truck
Large Van with Trailer

Bus Driving Lessons

Here you can find driving instructors for the D, DE, D1 and D1E driver licence categories required when driving buses and minibuses with or without trailers.