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If your answer is “YES”, then look no further than the SPOTLIGHT feature!

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With the SPOTLIGHT feature, your listing will be prominently displayed above all other listings for all search queries related to your type of tuition and locations. This means that more students will see your listing and be more likely to contact you for lessons.

Xtra Benefits

  • To further increased visibility, the SPOTLIGHT feature also places your listing in multiple locations around your operating area, ensuring that you reach a wider audience.

So why wait? sign up for the SPOTLIGHT feature today and watch your leads multiply. And with the low priceof just 20 euro per month and the ability to cancel at any time, there’s no risk to giving it a try. Take the first step towards growing your driving instructor business and upgrade to the SPOTLIGHT feature on today!

How is the order of SPOTLIGHT listings determined on

We believe in offering a fair and equal opportunity for any driving instructors who would benefit from the SPOTLIGHT feature. That’s why we have implemented a first come, first served system for determining the order in which SPOTLIGHT listings are displayed.

This means that the driving instructors who sign up for the SPOTLIGHT feature first will be listed at the top of the search results, followed by those who sign up afterwards.

So if you’re interested in upgrading to a SPOTLIGHT listing, be sure to sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot at the top of the search results!

Is it possible to cancel the SPOTLIGHT feature, and how does that affect my listing's spot?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel the SPOTLIGHT feature at any time by accessing your subscriptions management panel. If you do choose to cancel, your listing will no longer be displayed in the top spot of the SPOTLIGHT listings. However, you are always welcome to sign up for the SPOTLIGHT feature again in the future, and your listing will be considered for the top spot based on the order in which it was received.

In what locations will my SPOTLIGHT listing be displayed?

Your SPOTLIGHT listing will be displayed in up to 2 counties and/or up to 10 locations (town/village).