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33% More Driving Instructors – What Does This Mean For You?

The 33% increase in driving instructors in Ireland is steering the industry into a new era marked by heightened competition and increased choice. For instructors, it calls for differentiation and continuous improvement. For learners, it heralds a wider selection and potentially enhanced quality of instruction.

The landscape of driving instruction in Ireland has taken a significant shift. Based on a comparison of the listings on the Road Safety Authority (RSA) website, there’s been an approximate 33% increase in the number of driving instructors. The number of instructors listed has risen from around 1,600 in February 2022 to over 2,000 by mid-2023. This substantial growth in the number of driving instructors, as indicated by the RSA listings, has noteworthy implications for both the driving instructors and learner drivers in the country.

Impact on Driving Instructors:

The burgeoning market translates to stiffer competition among driving instructors. With over 500 professionals joining the industry in just over a year, it is vital for each instructor to find ways to distinguish their services. 

This upward trend, however, also underscores the attractiveness of the industry as a career choice. The flexibility, the opportunity to impart a life-changing skill, and a resilient job market may have drawn more individuals into the profession.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that within the overall increase, around 3% of the instructors from the original tally are no longer listed. This points to a considerable turnover rate, hinting at the importance of resilience and adaptability in an increasingly competitive environment.

Impact on Learner Drivers:

From a learner driver’s perspective, the growth in the number of instructors brings forth increased choices. Learners now have a wider range of instructors to choose from, allowing them to select one who best aligns with their learning style, schedule, and budget.

The increase in instructors also fosters a healthy competitive atmosphere, which could lead to enhanced service quality as instructors strive to attract and retain students. Instructors are now encouraged to innovate in their teaching techniques, customer service, and technology use, all of which can greatly benefit learners.

However, the rise in options could make the task of choosing an instructor more challenging for some learners. It emphasizes the need for prospective learners to conduct thorough research, examine reviews, and seek recommendations to ensure they choose an instructor that best suits their specific needs.