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The Rising Cost of Getting a Driving Licence in Ireland

Learning to drive in Ireland is a milestone many aspire to reach. Yet, the costs associated with obtaining a driving licence have been increasing. From the Driver Theory Test to obtaining the full 10-year Driving Licence, each step carries its own cost. Understanding these costs can help prospective drivers budget effectively and navigate their journey to driving independence with confidence.

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many. It provides independence, freedom, and a whole new world of possibilities. But in recent years, there’s been a notable increase in the cost associated with earning a driving licence in Ireland. In this article, we’ll break down the various costs involved in this process.

Driver Theory Test: Your First Step towards Independence

The first step in your driving journey in Ireland is the Driver Theory Test. This critical examination is designed to test your knowledge of the rules of the road and driving safety. It costs €45. To help you ace this test, you’ll likely need a copy of The Official Driver Theory Test Questions and Answers, which costs around €20. So, the total cost for this initial step is about €65.

The Learner’s Permit: Practise Makes Perfect

Once you’ve passed your theory test, the next step is to get a Learner’s Permit, also known as a Provisional Licence. This permit allows you to practise your driving skills on the road under the supervision of a qualified driver. You can apply for this permit either online or in person at one of the NDLS centres located across the country, for a fee of €35.

Don’t Forget the Eyesight Report

Before you can secure your Learner’s Permit, you’ll need to provide a completed Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form. This form ensures you have the necessary visual acuity to operate a vehicle safely. The typical cost of a driving eyesight test is €20 for a B category licence.

Essential Driver Training: Building Your Skills

Once you have your Learner’s Permit, it’s time for the practical aspect of your training. In Ireland, all drivers must undertake a mandatory 12 hours of Essential Driver Training (EDT). Each lesson in this programme covers a specific area of driving skills, and they must all be recorded in a personal EDT logbook. The cost for EDT  varies depending on the instructor, but you can expect to pay between €450 to €600.

The Driving Test: The Final Hurdle

After you’ve completed your EDT, you’re ready for the driving test, the final step to earning your driving licence. This test will assess your ability to drive safely and competently. The cost for a car driving test is €85.

Driving Licence: The Ultimate Goal

Upon passing your driving test, you can apply for your full Driving Licence. A 10-year driving licence costs €55.

Cost Breakdown

Item Cost
Driver Theory Test €45
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Official Theory Test Guide €20
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Learner’s Permit €35
Eyesight Report €20
Essential Driver Training €500-€600
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Driving Test €85
10-Year Driving License €55
Subtotal €760
Potential Additional Costs
Car Hire for Test €150-€200
Additional Driving Lessons/Retest Variable

In summary, the overall minimum cost of learning to drive and securing a 10-year driving licence in Ireland will typically be around €760. Additional costs, such as car hire for the test (where prices range from €150 to €200 euro) additional practice lessons or retests can bring the total to over €1000.

Getting a driving licence in Ireland is a significant investment, but with careful planning and budgeting, it’s an achievable goal. Remember, the freedom and opportunities that come with having a driving licence often far outweigh the initial cost.


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