Mark Cullen
Cullen School of Motoring

Areas Covered: Donegal | Letterkenny
Tuition for the A, A1, A2, AM category licence.

About Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen from Cullen School of Motoring is a RSA certified instructor (ADI), located in the Donegal / Letterkenny area. Mark Cullen provides riding tuition for any size motorcycle (licence category A), riding lessons for small motorcycle (licence category A1), medium size motorcycle riding lessons (licence category A2), moped & light quadricycle riding lessons (licence category AM), and operates in most areas of Donegal.

Offering IBT for the Licence Category A, A1, A2 and AM

With Mark as your instructor, you can learn all the skills necessary to safely ride and control a motorcycle. Whether you're a beginner looking to get your full motorcycle license or an experienced rider looking to improve your skills and safety on the road, Mark offers a variety of lessons and training options suitable for riders of all abilities. As an RSA approved IBT instructor in Donegal, Mark will guide you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a confident and competent rider.

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Last update: December 6, 2022