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Daryl Martin operating as Daryl’s School of Motoring is a RSA certified instructor (ADI), based around Dundalk / Louth area. Daryl Martin provides driving lessons and full EDT for cars (licence category B), driving lessons for truck (licence category C), and operates in most areas of Louth.
ADI Number: 34526
Licence Category: B, BE, C, C1, CE, D
Areas Covered: Dundalk, Louth
Car Type: Not specified

Daryl, Car Driving Instructor Louth

Car driving lessons

Offering Driving Lessons in Louth for the Licence Category B

When it comes to learning how to drive, trust is everything. That's why you should choose Daryl, a certified Louth based driving instructor with a wealth of experience in teaching people of all ages and skill levels. Daryl's personalized approach and full EDT (Essential Driver Training) will give you the support and guidance you need to succeed. Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose Daryl and take control of your driving journey.
Trailer or caravan towing driving lessons

BE Driving Lessons in Louth for Trailer Towing

Learn the art of trailer towing with Daryl, one of the top Category BE driving instructors in Louth. Under Daryl's tutelage, you'll explore the nuances of trailer handling, from precise maneuvering to understanding the dynamics of towing under various road conditions. Daryl's commitment to providing a comprehensive learning experience means you'll be well-prepared for any towing challenge. Embrace the opportunity to become a proficient trailer towing driver with the guidance of an instructor who's as invested in your success as you are.

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Bus Driving Lessons Louth with Daryl

Bus driving lessons

Bus Driving Lessons for the Licence Category D

As a highly experienced and certified bus driving instructor in Louth, Daryl has a strong track record of effectively teaching individuals how to safely and efficiently operate a bus. Patience, understanding, and good communication skills, makes Daryl well-suited to work with students of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to the technical expertise, Daryl is also committed to create a positive and supportive learning environment, therefore a reliable choice for anyone looking to hone their bus driving skills.

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Learn to Drive a Truck with Daryl in Louth

Truck driving lessons

Truck Driving Lessons for Licence Category C

As a seasoned and certified truck driving instructor in Louth, Daryl boasts an impressive record of successfully guiding individuals in mastering the skills needed to safely and competently drive a truck. With an emphasis on patience, empathy, and excellent communication abilities, Daryl is exceptionally equipped to teach students from diverse age groups and backgrounds. Beyond just technical know-how, Daryl is dedicated to fostering a constructive and encouraging learning atmosphere. This commitment makes Daryl an ideal choice for those aspiring to refine their truck driving capabilities.

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Articulated truck or truck with trailer category CE driving lessons

Expert CE Licence Training in Louth

Develop your proficiency in heavy vehicle operation with Daryl, a specialist in Licence Category CE. Acquire the skills to expertly navigate articulated trucks or trucks with trailers in Louth. Benefit from Daryl's vast experience and adaptive training techniques, ensuring you are adept at managing the complexities of CE category vehicles. Initiate your advanced training in CE driving with Daryl now.

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Small trucks and large vans category C1 driving lessons

Small Truck and Large Van Driving Lessons in Louth for Licence Category C1

Seeking high-quality training for driving small trucks and large vans? Opt for Daryl, a professional Louth based driving instructor, specializing in Licence Category C1. Benefit from Daryl's in-depth knowledge and a well-rounded training program, designed to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence for handling small trucks and large vans effectively. Choose Daryl as your guide in the journey towards acquiring your C1 licence.

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