Mairead Thompson
Thompson School of Motoring

Areas Covered: Longford | Longford Town
Tuition for the B, BE, C, C1, D, D1, W category licence.
Car Type: NA - Click Here to Add!
ADI Gender: Female

About Mairead Thompson

Mairead Thompson operating as Thompson School of Motoring is a RSA certified instructor (ADI), based around Longford / Longford Town area. Mairead Thompson provides driving lessons and full EDT for cars (licence category B), driving lessons for truck (licence category C), and operates in most areas of Longford.

Offering Driving Lessons for the Licence Category B and BE

Embarking on the journey of learning to drive can feel overwhelming, but under the guidance of Mairead, your driving instructor in Longford, it becomes an enriching and empowering experience.

What sets Mairead apart is his wealth of experience and a teaching approach defined by patience and understanding. Being a certified driving instructor in Longford, Mairead has a proven track record of transforming novices of all ages into skilled and confident drivers.

Mairead's driving lessons in Longford are fully personalized to your needs and pace. Furthermore, his comprehensive EDT (Essential Driver Training) program ensures that you are not just prepared to pass the test, but also to drive safely and confidently in everyday life.

If you're looking for an instructor who is truly committed to helping you achieve your driving goals, then your search ends here! Embrace the journey of becoming an adept driver by taking the first step with Mairead today!

Truck Driving Lessons for the Licence Category C and C1

Mairead is a truck driving instructor based in Longford, and provides C and C1 truck driving lessons to anyone looking to become a professional truck driver in Ireland. If you're ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career in the trucking industry, please don't hesitate to contact Mairead to learn more, and start your driving journey today.

Bus Driving Lessons for the Licence Category D and D1

As a highly experienced and certified bus driving instructor in Longford, Mairead has a strong track record of effectively teaching individuals how to safely and efficiently operate a bus. Patience, understanding, and good communication skills, makes Mairead well-suited to work with students of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to the technical expertise, Mairead is also committed to create a positive and supportive learning environment, therefore a reliable choice for anyone looking to hone their bus driving skills.

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