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Male About Gavin Finlay

Gavin Finlay operating as Ride Your Bike is a RSA certified instructor (ADI), based around Kildare / Monasterevin area. Gavin Finlay provides riding tuition for any size motorcycle (licence category A), and operates in most areas of Kildare and Laois.
ADI Number: 40261
Licence Category: A, A1, A2, AM
Areas Covered: Kildare, Monasterevin
Car Type: Not specified

Learn to Ride a Motorbike with Gavin in Kildare

Motorbike riding lessons

Comprehensive Category A Motorcycle Licence Training

Discover the art of motorcycle riding with Gavin, a renowned RSA-certified instructor in Kildare. Gavin's expertise in motorcycle training is unmatched, offering both novice and seasoned riders an opportunity to enhance their riding skills. Known for a teaching style that blends patience, understanding, and clear communication, Gavin ensures a learning experience that is both effective and enjoyable. The training focuses not just on technical skills, but also on developing safe and responsible riding habits. With Gavin, you're set on a path to confidently navigate the roads with your Category A motorcycle licence.

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 125cc motorbike A1 riding lessons

A1 Licence Training & IBT in Kildare

Join Gavin for specialized A1 Licence training, suitable for motorcycles up to 125cc. This course, held in Kildare, incorporates the essential Initial Basic Training (IBT) as part of the curriculum. With Gavin's RSA-certified instruction, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed for safe and effective motorcycle riding. Start your journey to A1 Licence proficiency today with expert guidance.

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Motorbike A2 riding lessons

Advanced A2 Licence Training with Gavin

Elevate your riding prowess in Kildare with Gavin, a renowned RSA-certified instructor offering tailored A2 Licence training. This course is perfect for those ready to handle motorcycles up to 35kW. With a curriculum focused on advanced control, safety, and road awareness, Gavin's training will prepare you for the enhanced demands of more powerful bikes. Gain the confidence and skills needed for a higher level of motorcycling. Start your advanced riding journey towards A2 Licence achievement today!

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 Mopeds and Light quadricycles AM riding lessons

AM Licence Training for New Riders in Kildare

Begin your journey in moped and light quadricycle riding with Gavin, an expert in AM Licence training. This course is designed to introduce you to the world of two-wheeled vehicles, focusing on the essential skills and safety practices needed in Kildare. Gavin's personalized and detailed approach to training will provide you with a solid foundation, ensuring you become a confident and responsible rider. Take the first step towards mastering mopeds and light quadricycles with Gavin's guidance.

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